Tips on Removing Stains from Your Carpet

This is a very brief guide to stain removal. It is recommended you contact the manufacturer to determine the most suitable cleaning method for your carpet.

When spills occur, prompt remedial action should be taken to minimise staining or damage to the pile.

carpet stain removal

Water Spillages

If the water is clean and the carpet has not been saturated, blot the liquid with a clean cloth or towel and dry quickly.

Do not rub! If the carpet has been saturated, mop up the water as thoroughly as possible and contact a professional carpet cleaner immediately.

Water Based Stains

Semi-solid matter should be removed using a plastic spatula. Once excess liquid has been removed using a clean cloth or towel to blot carefully, sponge gently using a solution consisting of one teaspoon of detergent for washing woollens to a pint of warm water.

Work from the outside inwards so as not to spread the stain. Do not rub as this may distort the pile. Rinse in clean, warm water – blot thoroughly, and allow to dry.

Once dry, if necessary, follow with a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts clean, warm water. Leave for 15 minutes and then sponge with clean water again – blotting thoroughly. Allow the carpet to dry out.

General Cleaning

In the event that your carpet requires general cleaning we recommend you contact a reputable, professional carpet cleaner that specialises in domestic carpets.

Grease Based and Miscellaneous Stains

Most departmental stores and houseware shops sell cleaners especially formulated to tackle grease based stains, spilt wine, food or stubborn stains. Always follow the instructions carefully testing first on an off-cut of carpet.

Whenever solvents are used ensure that there is good ventilation. Most solvents are flammable and should never be used near a naked flame.