Characteristics of a New Carpet


All newly fitted carpets have a tendency to shed. This is perfectly normal and will diminish naturally over time. To remove excess fluff simply vacuum regularly with a good vacuum cleaner.


Although every care is taken to ensure our products meet strict fastness requirements, carpets, as with any other natural textile materials, cannot be dyed absolutely fast to light.

We recommend taking precautions to ensure your carpet is not exposed directly to sunlight for any prolonged period of time.

Sprouting Tufts

If you find a stray tuft protruding above the surface of the carpet, do not pull it out! Carefully cut it level with a pair of scissors.

Pile Pressure

After time, all carpets will flatten to some degree. After a period of time the tufts will gradually assume a greater slant in the areas of constant use, exposing their side to the light.This is known as pile pressure and is not a production fault – simply a natural characteristic of all cut pile fabrics.

Daily vacuuming may assist in alleviating this and will help to maintain and restore the surface to a uniform colour.