The 80% wool/ 20% nylon mix, developed by Brintons in the 1950’s: the softness of wool combined with the strength of nylon creates the perfect carpet yarn.


Axminster is a way of making woven carpets that offers greater pattern definition. Most Axminster carpets are patterned.


Carpet yarn made from a mix of more than one fibre colour, giving a flecked, multicoloured effect.


The pile is the bit you stand on. “total pile weight” refers to the amount of yarn used to make the carpet. Deep-pile carpets tend to feel more luxurious, while more rows of yarn are harder wearing. 


Tufts of yarn are punched through a backing membrane and secured by latex. This is a less time consuming, and therefore less costly, process than weaving, however this does mean the construction of the carpet isn’t solid. 


A traditional process where the pile and backing yarns are woven together, offering unrivalled strength and stability. You can spot a woven carpet by the warp and weft threads on the reverse. Both Axminster and Wilton carpets are woven.

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